2022.09.06 INFO

Free live streaming of soundtrack festival “KYOBANSAI” at Kamigamo Shrine in Kyoto! Free live streaming of soundtrack festival “KYOBANSAI” at Kamigamo Shrine in Kyoto!

The playwrights who have agreed with Yuki Hayashi’s call will come together for the The soundtrack festival “KYOBANSAI -KYOTO SOUNDTRACK FESTIVAL-” will be broadcast live on YouTube for free from 14:00 on September 18 (Sun.).

“Soundtrack” is the colorful accompaniment to Japan’s world-class animation productions.

Although incidental music is an important, scene transforming element, there has never been a festival for incidental music like theme songs, neither in Japan, the center of anime, nor anywhere else in the world.

We would like to share the wonder of this genre of music, and the synergistic effect it has with video, which makes the works they’re used in tens of times more wonderful, both with artists and those who love animation all over the world.

“We want to open the world’s first incidental music festival in Japan!”

We invited composers currently working on the forefront of music in Japanese animation, and gathered collaborators to our cause to announce the “Kyobansai Festival 2022”, which will feature the best composers of incidental music, and offer visitors the chance to experience a fusion of images and music from diverse animated works.

The beginning episode of this new story “ 0” will take place at the world heritage site, the Kamigamo Shrine ”, located in the 1300 year old capital of Kyoto“.


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【Event name】

【Date & Time】
Sunday, September 18, 2022 14:00-18:00

Kamo Wakeikazuchi jinja Shrine(Kamigamo jinja)

Yasuharu Takanashi(NARUTO SHIPPŪDEN / NARUTO SHIPPUDEN、Fairy Tail etc.)
Yuki Hayashi(My Hero Academia、Haikyu!! etc.)
Makoto Miyazaki(SPY x FAMILY、ONE PUNCH MAN etc.)

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KYOBANSAI Official YouTube Channel


Futokorogatana Co., Ltd

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Sound Creator Inc.
groundinglab Co., Ltd