2022.06.07 INFO

Yuki Hayashi’s “10 Counts to the Future” Final Commemoration – Special Live” will be distributed!

To commemorate the final broadcast of the TV Asahi drama “10 Counts to the Future,” Yuki Hayashi, who is in charge of producing music for the drama, will hold a special live performance!
In this live performance, which will start before the main drama airs on 6/9 (Thu.), a total of 15 songs will be performed.

Please enjoy the music of “10 counts to the future” toward the final episode of the drama!

▼Date and time of distribution
Thursday, June 9, 2022 from 19:30

▼URL of the streaming

▼Band members
Keyboard: Yuki Hayashi (
Violin: Risako Oshima (
  Guitar: Yuta Watanabe (
  Bass: Igo (
  Drums:Yu Watanabe (
  Piano:Yuno Sonoda (
 & Cello:Masateru Nishikata (

▼Drama official website for “10 Counts to the Future”