2023.10.04 INFO

‘YUKI HAYASHI Fan Meeting – Receive my mapo tofu’ will be held!

Tuesday 24 October in the suburbs of Roppongi, Tokyo
The “Yuuki Hayashi Fan Meeting – Take My Bean Curd!
The event will be held on 24 October (Tue) in the Tokyo suburb of Roppongi!

YUKI HAYASHI will be cooking and serving his own bean curd!
Other events such as a present raffle are also being planned, so please look forward to the details!

Outline of the event
Date and time: Tuesday 24 October 2023 
         19:00 OPEN / 19:30 START / 21:30 CLOSE
Place: Roppongi and surroundings
Participation fee: ¥3,800
Entry requirements: Those who have downloaded the YUKI HAYASHI app.
               This event will be held by lottery.
Application start: 2 Oct (Mon) 20:00-.
Application deadline: 9 Oct (Mon) 23:59
Notification of winners: 11 Oct (Wed) 12:00 noon

To apply, please visit

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