2023.07.18 INFO

The soundtrack festival “KYOBANSAI”, where anime soundtracks take centre stage, will be held in Kyoto!

The event is a gathering of gekidan composers who support the call of gekidan composer Yuki Hayashi, who has composed music for the TV anime “My Hero Academia”, “Haikyu!!” and other animation music, will take part in the “KYOBANSAI -KYOTO SOUNDTRACK FESTIVAL- 2023” on September 16 (Sat.) at Umekoji Park in Kyoto.

“KYOBANSAI -KYOTO SOUNDTRACK FESTIVAL- 2023” is a music festival focusing on “Soundtrack” which plays an important role in Japanese animation works that enjoy overwhelming popularity worldwide.
The festival will focus on the music that plays an important role in Japanese animation works, which are renowned for their quality.

We want to bring the excellence of this music, which brings out the best of the work, together with many friends, to anime lovers all over the world. I want to organise the world’s first Japanese music festival for dramatic accompaniment! With the cooperation of many people, we have organised Episode 0 in September 2022 at the World Heritage Site Kamigamo Shrine in Kyoto, an ancient capital with a history of over 1,300 years. The event was held on April 2023.

On April 2023, the festival moved to Tokyo and was held for the first time with an audience as “TOKYOBANSAI -TOKYO SOUNDTRACK FESTIVAL- 2023”. The best Japanese composers of music for animation have gathered again.

And on September 16th (Sat.), 2023.

“KYOBANSAI -KYOTO SOUNDTRACK FESTIVAL- 2023” will be held at Umekoji Park in Kyoto.
We will be making preparations so that you can enjoy the fusion of various animation works and music, so please look forward to it.

We hope that you will take advantage of this opportunity to experience the best of Japanese animation soundtrack and that it will strengthen your love for Japanese animation.


▼Outline of the festival
【Name of event】

Saturday 16 September 2023

Umekoji Park, Kyoto

Taku Iwasaki (“JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Battle Tendency (Animation)”, “Bungo Stray Dogs” etc.)
Yasuharu Takanashi (“NARUTO SHIPPŪDEN” ,”Fairy Tail” etc.)
Yuki Hayashi (Haikyu!!, My Hero Academia, etc.)
Makoto Miyazaki / (K)NoW_NAME:Makoto Miyazaki (“SPY x FAMILY” ,”One-Punch Man” etc.)
…and more

Premium Ticket: ¥11,000
Regular Ticket: ¥8,800
Online Streaming Ticket: ¥5,500
※All prices include tax.


【Production and management】
Sound Creator Inc.
groundinglab Co.,Ltd.