2023.06.08 INFO

‘Commemoration of the last episode of Yuki Hayashi’s “Wave, Listen to Me” – Special Live’!

To celebrate the final broadcast of the drama “Wave, Listen to Me” starring Fuka Koshiba, Ryota Katayose (GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE) and Nanoka Hara, Yuki Hayashi and Shogo Yamashiro, who are in charge of producing music for the drama, will hold a special live performance!
The live performance, which will start before the main drama airs on 9 June (Fri), will feature a total of nine songs.

Please enjoy the songs from ‘Nami yo Kikimete’ towards the final episode of the drama!

▼Date and time of transmission
Friday, 9 June 2023, 22:00-.


▼Band members
Composer & keyboardist: Yuki Hayashi (
Composer & keyboardist: Shogo Yamashiro (
  Guitar: Gentaro Futatsugi (
  Drums: Yu Watanabe (
  Bass: Igo (
  Vocals: Luna Goami (

▼For original soundtrack information

▼Official website of the drama “Wave, Listen to Me”